British Gas

British Gas

British Gas is not just one of the oldest companies of the United Kingdom but it is also one of the oldest energy supplier companies ever officially formed in the world. Founded in 1812 in the days of the British Empire the company was originally called the Gas Light and Coke Company and it was in a monopolistic situation being the sole gas and energy provider of the country up until the 1970s when a new act has enabled privatisation which has resulted in the forming of further energy supplier companies. This is how the original British Gas has demerged and formed BG , Centrica and Transco too. British Gas as of today, is still one of the largest energy providers of the UK with millions of customers, but it’s part of the Centrica group. It’s important not to confuse British Gas with BG which the whole group’s name ( British Gas Group) and it’s not the alonestanding company name.

Despite not being self-owned, British Gas has kept its own name, has its own brand and management as well. The rebranding in the 2000s has resulted in the company having a fresher logo and embracing further services which also are in connection with energy supply.

In this chapter we would like to introduce and elaborate on all the current services British Gas provides for its customers:

Gas & Electricity:

The main scope of British Gas is still to provide gas and electricity for its customers. And as it’s in competition it provides energy with lots of benefits, for instance offering free electricity between 9 am and 5 pm on one choosen weekend day in a week. The offers are always changing but they are worth noting. You can get to check them on the website of British Gas.

Boiler cover:

This is meant as a 1 month free offer with a selected package from the HomeCare range of the company. The HomeCare range has 4 different sorts of packages with each one of them offering different sorts of annual and free services ranging from boiler service to plumbing and drains.

New Boilers:

British Gas also offers brand new boilers which they can help choose and of course would also install it for you. As an extra they are now offering a 200 GBP trade-in for an old boiler and what counts the most, a stunning 5 year warranty.

One-off repairs:

This is a specific sort of boiler repair or maintenance service which has been created by British Gas recently: one-off means, that this is specifically a service which is offered for non British Gas customers. Anyone can call this service.

Plumbing and drains:

now, next to electronic, gas and heating maintenance, British gas also offers plumbing services for its customers. This means, that the company is a real all in one service when it comes to a full on renovation too.

Thanks to the newly designed website today, customers can do more and more online: from checking their accounts to actually booking an engineer for repair works. Visit their website for more information.