Sky UK current services

Sky UK current services

When Sky originally launched in the UK back in the eighties, it was meant to be dealing with high profile self-produced TV channels, however with all the market changes and competition today Sky is also becoming a leading player by fully joining in the telecommunications business. Let’s get to see what’s on offer at Sky today.

TV packages

Sky offers 3 key packages for its customers. Each one of the package offers over 250 TV channels at a minimum and each one is offered with Sky’s own system called Sky Q which enables users to fully manage their watch lists, to record programs and so much more. Now, each one of the package is offered with internet (Sky Fibre) and an extra reward worth GBP 75. Let’s see what each package covers:

Original: offering 270 TV channels along with Sky’s newest movie channel called Sky Atlantic. Further catch-up channels will make it possible for viewers not to miss out on any program. Variety: this is a perfect package for families as next to the 300 TV channels customers get, they will additionally receive 4500 episodes of kids’ and family shows.

Box Sets: the highest calibre package of Sky is for the real TV and movie fanatics: offering over 350 TV channels (international) it will additionally provide viewers with 350 Sky Box sets containing some of the most popular TV series you will be able to watch or re-watch anytime. As a further extra you are also gifted with 4500 episodes of kids’ and family shows. Sky Q: you can record and even download what you have recorded to an iOS or Android device for later watch, watch multiple programs with the help of the multi-screen functionality.

Internet and landline

Sky provides internet (broadband) via its own smart device called Sky Broadband equipment, which is basically an all-in-one internet connection manager. In addition all customers receive a unique dual band wireless router called Sky Q hub. And if you want further extension to the WiFi, you can purchase a Wireless Booster which is perfect for larger houses or apartments.

Sky currently offers 4 internet packages: each of the package comes with additional landline phone service called Sky Talk and MacAfee Internet Security suite. The major difference between the packages is in the download speed. The monthly usage allowance is largely unlimited (except for the Sky Fibre Package). In addition each package has a minimum subscription period, which varies between 12 to 18 months.

Sky mobile offers

Sky has only recently implemented its own mobile services in 2016. Today, it offers various packages for mobile phone users. Its current packages offer 1 to 5 GB data transfer options alongside free unlimited calls for all TV customers.

What’s so unique about Sky is that it always looks for innovative ways to provide enhanced quality services and totally unique services for its customers. Check out the official website for more information on the latest offers.