Virgin Media Support

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Virgin Media Support

Virgin Media is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the United Kingdom. Next to cable television services they also provide broadband fibre power internet and phone services for both mobiles and landlines. Virgin Media offers several different sort of packages for its customers depending on that they need, while they can acquire the services separately in the same time.

The unique factor in the internet services of Virgin Media is that they are currently the only one company who has access to the ultra-fast optical fibre broadband system which brings the speed of internet to a whole new level. The company also offers its customers access to over 300 TV channels which are available both through cable and through the internet.

In this chapter we will get to see how Virgin Media support system works and what help can you find when it comes to installation and troubleshooting.

Help with broadband:

The official website of Virgin Media contains the following help materials in connection with the internet:

Getting started guide – containing an installation help, a manual as to how to connect the internet device with the PC/laptop (Windows 10 system) and also there is a quick guide as to how to change the WiFi password.

Troubleshooting guide – This contains a quick collection of guidelines and manuals as to how to check if the connection works fine, what simple troubleshooting steps to do when the connection is not up to par with the normal speed. The guideline has a chapter discussing connection issues and another one on how to change the router’s frequency. There is also a link to book an engineer to come and check if the problems cannot be resolved with troubleshooting.

Connecting manuals:

this contains the guidelines on how to connect to laptops, printers, consoles and how to make the home network work. Here you can also get to see how to connect to a Windows 7 PC or an Apple iOS device to the network.

Further tips to make the internet work on full speed:

this section contains tricks and tips on how to keep up the speed and connection. It also gives further information on Cloud, Web Safe ( which is Virgin’s own internet safety system that keeps the network free of intruders) You can also learn about the Virgin TV anywhere service, which is a special service that gives chance for the customers to watch any TV channel online anywhere, anytime.

Guide to upgrading:

contains further offers if someone wants to switch to a different package. This section also has a guideline about how to keep things working when changing apartment/home and further speed boosting tips.

Apart from the online manuals, Virgin Media also offers help in the following ways:

Online Chat help system (during working hours)

Hotline which is available 24/7

Email support

MyVirgin Media account management system where customers can register, where they can monitor their costs, pay online, track orders and also can check services per area.

For more information on packages and support tools, check out the website of Virgin Media.